Production Supervisor

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Facilitate the activities of production workers in a value stream with attention to continuous improvement of safety, quality, delivery and cost (SQDC).


Supervise the activities of production workers in the value stream with attention to continuous improvement of safety, quality, delivery and cost.

Manage value stream for daily improvement.

Coordinate Communication meetings for assigned value stream.

Coordinate manpower for assigned value stream.

Follow Supervisor Daily Standard Work.

Audit Facilitator Standard work and conduct gemba walks.

Monitor Andon issues and coordinate kaizen reviews and corrective actions.

Enforce safety regulations and take action to remove safety hazards.

Determine daily production requirements and assign workers to meet outputs.

Communicate with other supervisors to coordinate operations and activities within and between value streams.

Plan and establish work schedules. Ensure materials, products and equipment meet quality standards.

Train and coach employees in work and safety procedures. Cross train employees in value stream.

Observe work operations to ensure that workers conform to production and processing standards.

Monitor value stream performance and maintain budgets within approved limits.

Complete annual evaluations of job performance.

Compute and monitor the SQDC metrics and communicate to management the results achieved or not achieved.

Resolve worker problems, administer corrective actions.

Assure assigned area conforms to 5S requirements and maintains outstanding scores on 5S audits.

Assures that capital equipment is fully utilized.

Monitor safety, energy, hygiene, environmental and security programs and assure production areas are in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws.

Assure the E.E.O. and A.A.P. programs are complied with in areas of responsibility.

Other duties as assigned.

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