During the last several years, there has been a steep rise in mobile Internet usage.  In the past year alone, mobile data traffic saw a growth of 81%.  In fact, 25% of all page views globally now come from a mobile device.  Even with these numbers, the majority of Talent Acquisition Departments still do not offer candidates an easy way to view and apply for jobs from their smartphones and Tablets.


The lack of an efficient mobile recruiting platform will lead to higher defection rates.  HIRED easily helps you overcome this current challenge.  When you post your jobs, candidates can apply to them "on the go" from any smartphones and Tablet device.  These applies go straight into your HIRED Talent Management solutions.


Establishing a mobile recruiting platform will lower your recruiting costs and your jobs will be filled faster.  When you treat mobile recruiting as an extension of your talent acquisition strategy, you are setting up success for your company, your brand, your candidates, and their ability to engage with you.


HIRED offers social and mobile career distribution that enables you to easily create and distribute relevant and personalized career content daily to your candidates on their mobile phones.  Your candidates, in turn, will have the ability to easily view and share your job content with their social and mobile networks.  The result: more candidate flow from all of the major social and mobile platforms.